About Us

What is Southern Shield?

Southern Shield is a collaborative forum, which was set up in response to a tragic accident at Saxilby in 2012 when Scott Dobson was killed in a collision with an oncoming train.

The forum examines processes, plant, design and culture to see where improvements can be made to eliminate accidents and incidents to ensure that everyone working in the Southern region gets Home Safe Every Day.

The aim of Southern Shield is to:

  • Prevent accidents or incidents.

  • Support and enhance the safety rules that are in place.

  • Lay down the minimum safety requirements in the southern region so that safety is never sacrificed for commercial advantage.

The Safety Leadership Team

The SLT is made up of the Southern Capital Delivey Regional Director, Route Delivery Directors and senior leaders from our Principal Contractors.

They are responsible for reviewing and agreeing cultural, behavioural and process changes that can be made across the southern region to increase safety.

Each member of the SLT has made a personal commitment to improve safety across the southern region.

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